Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 02 - Sampling along the river and the butterfly pavilion (Part 1)

Today we woke up bright and early and headed down the Mopan river bank to sample. We brought beat nets, sweep nets, aquatic nets, and aerial nets... the whole works. It was the perfect environment to find a variety of insects.

The river bank.

(L to R) Our guide Kimo, with Dr. Scott Bundy, Tiffany and Danielle shifting through samples.

Great view!

Walking down the trail, L to R: Brittny, Tiffany, and Helen

Kolene (L) and Brittny (R) wading into the waters.

We got crabs!
Next, we stopped by the butterfly sanctuary nearby. A variety of local butterflies are reared here, such as the stunning Blue Morpho, Monarch and Parides butterflies.

The butterfly sanctuary.

A Grey Cracker

An owl butterfly. What beautiful eyespots!

A Cloudless Sulfur butterfly

Phil holding one of the butterflies.
Owl butterfly larvae.
A Queen caterpillar.

To be continued.... Xunantunich!

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