Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 04 - Tobacco Caye and Snorkeling 101

We had our final breakfast at the trek stop before beginning our two-hour drive towards the coast. Our next destination is Tobacco Caye!

We took a quick pit stop at San Ignacio and checked out the local shops.

Next, we hitched a boat ride to Tobacco Caye.

 On our way to snorkeling lessons!


Phil found a hermit crab in the shallows.

Bluestriped grunts

Yellow stingray

We all went for a night walk on the beach around the island to find nocturnal creatures.

Veronica holding a spiny urchin.

Baby hermit crab.

We caught a small octopus with the help of our guide Kimo.

Crikey, a croc in the mangroves!

More updates to come soon!

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  1. Thank you Helen for posting ! These are incredible pictures !! I feel like I have been transported there. The insects and sea life are amazing. Keep up the good work!
    From Donna Ebler