Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Foods of Belize Part I

We've enjoyed some amazing meals prepared for us during our trip. Here are some meals we ate during our 3 day stay at the Trek Stop.

Escabeche with tortillas and rice

Fry jacks with papaya, watermelon, eggs and beans

Seasoned chicken with rice, plantain and salsa

Bollo (similar to tamales) wrapped in plantain leaves

Breakfast burritos with chicken and beans

Our packed lunch after our ATM cave adventure! Seasoned chicken, rice, fried plantain and salad.

Chimole with a side of rice. Hard-boiled egg, chicken, onions and other vegetables.

Our last breakfast at the Trek Stop: banana pancakes with syrup and pineapples.

Are ya hungry yet? More meals coming up at a later update!

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