Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 05 - Snorkeling and other activities!

Today we spent a full day snorkeling at Whale Shoal and along the outskirts of the Barrier Reef, guided by Mel. Both sites were definitely more challenging to navigate around than the shallows, but teemed with a larger variety of sea life. We saw a number of butterfly fish, blue tangs, groupers, parrotfish and other coral reef inhabitants.

Christmas tree worms on brain coral

Sea fans and a blue tang

Butterfly fish maneuvering around different corals

A stingray resting on the sandy bottom

We stopped by briefly at Southwater Caye for lunch and a quick walk along the beach. The sand was beautiful and it was nice to sit in the water and enjoy the gentle waves. We also inspected the shoreline and discovered a little starfish among the shells and bits of coral.


In the evening, we got some much needed R&R back at Tobacco Caye and chatted with the locals.We explored the island again when it got dark and discovered more hermit crabs, magpie shells (big edible sea snails) and even a gecko.

Magpie shells. The one on the right is polished to bring out its pretty black and white pattern.

A little gecko.

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