Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 09 - Cockscomb

The next day we traveled to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. After settling in at our dorms, we headed out to hike up to Ben's Bluff.

Along the 4 kilometer long trail, we crossed a small stream and observed leafcutter ants, stingless bees and a giant damselfly. The trail got more challenging during the latter half as it weaved around the rocky terrain of the mountainside. Once we reached the summit, we had lunch and enjoyed the view.

It was an exhausting hike, but on the way down we took a break by a small waterfall. The water was cold and provided some relief from the hot, humid jungle.

Our day wasn't over yet! We stopped by the camp, grabbed some intertubes and trecked back to Stann Creek for some river tubing fun! There might have been a few hazards along the way (butt-crushing rocks, a hive of wasps, a tube blow-out and missing sandals) but we made it down the river unscathed.

Finally, that evening, we set up some black light traps and UV lights. Scorpions were a common occurrence that night at the camp, as well as loud and disorderly teenagers...

It was quite an adventure-filled day! We can't believe it, but tomorrow marks our last day at Belize. Check back soon!

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